Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Cage Opens Up For "The Sadhu"

Actor Nic "Ghost Rider" Cage will continue portraying comic book characters for the big screen with "The Sadhu", created by Virgin Comics as part of their 'Shakti' comic book line.

Premise of the series follows Englishman 'James Jensen', recruited into Queen Victoria's army and posted with his family to India during the summer of 1858.

Faced off against a sadistic commanding officer, James flees his unit, and becomes lost in the jungle, set upon by a band of killers, led by 'Dadathaku' who forces James to join in brutal attacks against local landowners.

But James is soon drawn to the gentle nature of 'Dada', adopting the ways of the 'Sadhu' and a way of life that teaches martial arts and illuminates the nature of reality.