Friday, November 03, 2006

Zack Snyder's "300"

Based on the graphic novel "300" by Frank "Sin City" Miller and the 1962 feature "The 300 Spartans", "300" focuses on the ancient 'Battle of Thermopylae' where 'King Leonidas' and 300 'Spartans' fought to the death against 'Xerxes' and a massive Persian army. Filmed in Montreal, the movie brings Miller’s graphic novel to life by combining live action with CG effects:

Directed by Zack "Dawn Of The Dead" Snyder, the film stars Gerard "Phantom Of The Opera" Butler, Lena "The Brothers Grimm" Headey, David "Lord Of The Rings" Wenham, Vincent "Troy" Regan, Rodrigo "Love Actually" Santoro and Dominic "The Forgotten" West.

Gianni Nunnari ("The Departed"), Mark Canton, Bernie Goldmann ("Land of the Dead") and Jeffrey Silver ("Training Day") are the producers.

Snyder and Kurt Johnstad adapted the graphic novel by Frank Miller and Lynn Varley, with a previous draft of the script by Michael Gordon.

Executive producers are Frank Miller, Deborah Snyder, Craig J. Flores, Thomas Tull, William Fay and Benjamin Waisbren.

Creative behind-the-scenes team is led by director of photography Larry Fong, production designer James Bissell, editor Bill Hoy and costume designer Michael Wilkinson.

Music is by Tyler Bates.