Wednesday, August 30, 2006

There's Some "Thing" Happening Here ...

The 'Hulk' will square off against the 'Thing' in the episode "Hard Knocks", for the Cartoon Network's "Fantastic Four", first season animated series.

Cartoon Network had originally scheduled "Doomsday" to kick off the series, but the first episode will be "Trial By Fire," featuring 'Ronan the Accuser'.

'Doctor Doom' will be introduced in the second episode.

Actor Paul Dobson plays both Doom and the 'Mole Man'.

There will be an episode where Doom launches the 'Baxter Building' into space.

The cover to the comic book "Fantastic Four" #1 will be replicated in the show.

The series will feature "modern interpretations" of FF lore.

The 'anime' feel of the show, including the spray painted '4' on the Thing's chest, was developed by French studio Moonscope, co-producers of the Marvel TV series.