Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Big Laffs in Starz' "Stand Up or Shut Up!" ...

"Stand Up or Shut Up!", a new comedy TV series, broadcast every Friday on the Starz channel at 7:50 pm., gives viewers an inside look at what it takes to become a successful stand up comedian, as six comic hopefuls go through orientation/workshop classes at the American Comedy Institute (ACI) in New York City, culminating with a graduation and stage performance at comedy clubs in The Big Apple.

The series is hosted by 7-year stand-up veteran Michael Somerville, who introduces the students on stage and visits with them off stage, as they go through their 'normal' lives.

The students are Judith Currin, an interactive producer at a major New York advertising agency, who attended the ACI workshop in 1991 doing stand up for six years. After a nine-year hiatus from performing, Judith returns to the stage.

Steven Hanley is author of the political satire "The Legend of Bushistotle: History’s Greatest Philosopher-Warrior-King".

Katy Olsen lived in a trailer park with her family in Tampa, Florida, then traveled to NYC six years ago to pursue a career in comedy.

Robert "Big Louie" Paris became a stand-up when he got out of prison.

R.K. Smith, a 300 lb Bronx bus driver, is known as the 'Black Ralph Kramden', making his route passengers laugh for over 13 years.

Josh Zepps is an Australian radio personality living in New York City and considered a 'master impersonator' of political leaders.