Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Mummy Dearest for Di Bonaventura's "King Tut"

Besides looking for a new 'Joker' for the upcoming Warners/Legendary, Chris Nolan-directed sequel "Batman Begins 2", producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura is also in development on a "King Tut" feature for Paramount.

From an action adventure screenplay written by Neil Crawford, "King Tut" follows the true story of English archaeologist Howard Carter, his accidental 1922 discovery of the gold-filled King Tutankhamun tomb in Egypt and the royal 'curse' that struck down members of his excavating team throughout the 20th century.

Di Bonaventura is currently in New Mexico producing director Michael Bay's "Transformers: Prime Directive" for Paramount/DreamWorks.

"King Tut" is being targeted for 2008.