Friday, June 09, 2006

Marvel's "Man-Wolf" in Raimi's "Spider-Man 3" ?

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The Marvel character 'John Jameson' was an experienced astronaut, before being selected for a secret mission to the moon.

While on the moon, he discovered a ruby-like gemstone that he felt 'compelled' to own. Stealing it from the government quarantine, he began wearing the gem-stone as a pendant.

The moonstone proved to be an alien artifact that attached itself to Jameson's throat and on nights of the full moon transformed him into "Man-Wolf".

For months Jameson tried and failed to stop the transformations, eventually stalking his own father, 'J.Jonah Jameson' and then-fiance, 'Kristine Saunders'.

Spider-Man intervened and ripped the moonstone from the creature's throat. Jameson reverted to his human form, seemingly cured.

Later, 'Morbius' reattached the moonstone to Jameson so that he could use the Man-Wolf as a pawn in a scheme to cure himself of his vampiric illness, a scheme that was thwarted again by Spider-Man.

Now Jameson transformed into the Man-Wolf whenever the moon was above the horizon. As the moon waned from its full phase the Man-Wolf's strength diminished and more of Jameson's intelligence emerged. On the run for being AWOL, the Man-Wolf fought 'Kraven' and the 'Hatemonger' before surrendering to authorities.

Unaware of his condition, they offered to drop charges against him if he would investigate a communications blackout on an orbiting space station.

Jameson discovered the station had been seized by warriors from the 'Other Realm' dimension, the origin of the moonstone. Returning with them to the Other Realm, Jameson retained his personality and intelligence as Man-Wolf.

The 'Realmites' told him his moonstone was created centuries ago by a dying 'lupine Stargod' to pass his powers on to his successor. On Earth it could only partly transform Jameson into the new Stargod.

After many adventures as both Man-Wolf and Stargod , Jameson returned to earth, allowing Spider-Man and 'Dr. Curt Conners' (The 'Lizard') to administer a biomagnetic treatment that caused his body to reject the moonstone, which crumbled to powder. Once more Jameson ceased transforming into the Man-Wolf.

After recovering in a sanitorium, Jameson became a pilot for 'Captain America'. Eventually he was contacted by the villain 'Dredmund Druid'. who transformed Jameson again into a werewolf. Dredmund reassembled the moonstone and attempted to use it, but was defeated by Captain America and the moonstone was destroyed again.

Jameson resigned as Cap's pilot and tried being a freelance 'monster-hunter', but gave this up when 'Dr. Ashley Kafka' offered him the post of 'Security Chief at Ravencroft'. At some point Jameson's memory of being the Stargod returned and he revealed this to Dr. Kafka.

Following an incident where the 'Chameleon' escaped, both Jameson and Dr. Kafka were fired from Ravencroft.