Friday, June 09, 2006

Duracell Gets a Charge out of "Superman Returns"

Duracell this week revealed a superhero-themed commercial as the latest spot in its "Trusted Everywhere" ad campaign.

The new ad, titled "Superman" was unveiled as a part of an integrated promotional partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures, tied to the release of the studio's upcoming feature "Superman Returns", arriving in theaters June 28.

The 15-second spot begins with several visual cues from the movie - the black-rimmed glasses of 'Clark Kent', Superman's uniform, red boots and a picture of 'Lois Lane'.

The camera then shows a close-up of Superman focusing on an alarm clock ringing on a bedroom nightstand as he uses his 'X-ray vision' to reveal a Duracell battery inside.

It is a unique treatment in which the overall takeaway of the spot is that everyone, even Superman, has to depend on a battery, highlighted by the copy "even a Super Hero has to get up in the morning. Duracell...Trusted Everywhere."

The commercial began airing on network/cable shows June 5, marking the eleventh ad in Duracell's long-running "Trusted Everywhere" campaign.

The campaign, debuting September 2002, creates an emotional platform that leverages trust as a powerful equity of the Duracell brand.

Along with the new commercial, Duracell will introduce several promotional extensions including Superman-themed retail displays and special packs containing a free "Superman Returns" Powerlight. The special packs, offered in AA 8-packs, will be available at participating retailers beginning this month.

"We're delighted to partner with "Superman Returns", which promises to be a summer blockbuster," said Mark Bertolami, vice president of global marketing, Duracell.