Thursday, June 29, 2006

Cameron Planning 3-D "Titanic", "Aliens" and "The Terminator"

According to Variety, Canadian-born director James "Terminator" Cameron made a presentation at Cinema Expo to push 3-D digital cinema with European exhibitors.

The Roger Corman-alumnus said that 3-D's future lies in the release of CG-animated films like "Chicken Little" and is a viable way for the studios to make more money.

"With 3-D you've got a marketing hook," he said.

"You've got some sizzle and some heat. It gives you a new lease on life."

At the Expo, Cameron showed off a reel showcasing what 11 films would look like in 3-D, including "Star Wars" and "King Kong" footage 'dimensionalized' as 3D, along with clips from "Chicken Little" and "Robots".

Cameron plans to have "Titanic", "Aliens" and "The Terminator" get the 3-D treatment, having already started tests on "Titanic".

The director is no stranger to 3-D film.

During the first theatrical run of "Terminator 2", Cameron supervised the filming of the Universal Studios, Orlando Florida attraction "Terminator: Battle Beyond Time".

The $60 million project began using a live actor dressed like Arnold Schwarzenegger as the 'Terminator' roaring across a stage straddling a Harley with young 'John Connor' in tow, as behind them a giant screen played spectacular 3-D footage blending into the live action display.

The story focused on John and his mother 'Sarah Connor' who try to spread the 'truth' about corporate badguy 'Skynet' as a 'T-1000' and Arnold-Terminator emerge in the present to do battle.

Arnold takes John Connor into the future for one last battle with Skynet and they cruise along a road of skulls before aerial attack planes chase and throw them to the ground.

Arnold and John take off on foot as a horde of Terminators pursue. As they approach Skynet to prevent 'Judgment' day, more aerial drones attack while a giant tentacled robot guards the final path to the 'Cyberdyne' control complex.

Cameron's upcoming "Avatar" is one of a series of new studio films that will be released in a 3-D version.