Thursday, June 22, 2006

3D "Superman Returns" Inventor Wants It All

When "Superman Returns" to theaters June 28 with 20 minutes of 3D scenes for IMAX, the character does so with the help of inventor/computer graphics pioneer David M. Geshwind, President of Three-Dimensional Media Group, Ltd.

3DMG licensed two US Patents to enable IMAX's conversion of segments of Warner Bros. "Superman Returns" into 3D.

But time constraints prevented IMAX from converting the entire movie.

"With only a few weeks between the completion of a 2D film and its release, there is not enough time to economically convert a two-hour film to 3D using our original process," said Geshwind.

"We have been working on solving that problem and have developed advanced patent-pending technology that permits an entire film to be converted to 3D for simultaneous 'day-and-date' release with the 2D version."

Geshwind believes 3D conversion offers a "unique opportunity to bring blockbusters back into theaters with something new to offer...

"We look forward to licensing the first full production with our new technology soon."

While "Superman Returns" is the first public use of Geshwind's 3D patents, he demonstrated his 'ChromaSynthesis'(TM) and 'StereoSynthesis'(TM) processes in the early 1990's to enhance a restoration of the original (1939) King Kong with 3D depth.

"We will bring this same realism to other fields," he said, "to enhance medical imaging, educational materials, scientific visualization, TV, games, the desktop, advertising and anywhere else digital displays are utilized."