Sunday, May 28, 2006

Viggo Makes The Cut as "Alatriste"

Actor Viggo "A History of Violence" Mortensen portrays Spanish swashbuckler 'Captain Diego Alatriste y Tenorio', in director Agustín Díaz Yanes' new feature "Alatriste".

Mortensen's swordsman character, described as "...not the most honest or pious of men, but he was courageous", is based on best-selling Spanish author Arturo Perez-Reverte’s stories set in 17th-century Madrid.

The screenplay by Yanes and Perez-Reverte, is Spain’s first big budget costumer, co-starring Elena "Van Helsing" Anaya and Javier "Talk To Her" Cámara.

Fight choreography for "Alatriste" was supervised by 83-year old Bob "Lord of the Rings" Anderson, sword master of Britian's' Royal Shakespeare Company, who began his career stunt doubling actor Errol Flynn in the 1953 film "Master of Ballentrae". Anderson also stunt doubled actor David Prowse as 'Darth Vader' in the original "Star Wars" films and doubled Sean Connery in "Highlander". His other credits include Kubrick's "Barry Lyndon", Lester's "The Three Musketeers", and Campbell's "The Mask of Zorro".

"Alatriste" will be released by 20th Century Fox, November 2006