Saturday, May 27, 2006

Montreal Prepping Sayles' Spiderwick Chronicles

The success of Montreal-based CG houses working on Frank Miller's Spartan war epic 300, has prompted Paramount to land Roger Corman-alumnus, writer/producer John Sayles to set up shop for the Spiderwick Chronicles at Mel's Cite du Cinema studio, in Montreal.

Spiderwick will begin shooting in August for 16 weeks, budgeted at $110-million, based on the bestselling books by Tony DiTerlizzi/Holly Black and adapted for the big screen by Sayles.

The film is to be directed by Mark Waters, whose previous films include Mean Girls and Freaky Friday.

The books tell the story of three young siblings who enter a magical world.

The studio will also be hosting another US film, a new 3-D film version of sci-fi classic Journey to the Centre of the Earth starring Brendan Fraser and produced by Walden Media of Chronicles of Narnia fame.

Journey, budgeted at $40 million, will be distributed by New Line, with a June 30 start date.