Friday, May 12, 2006

Build A Better Mousetrap With "Tom and Jerry Tales" ...

May 10, 2006

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Eidos Interactive, have signed an agreement for the North American/European distribution of the "Tom and Jerry Tales" video game.

In "Tom and Jerry Tales", vast environs allow players to experience the vicious struggle between cat and mouse that toon fans have watched for decades.

Gamers take on the role of the brown mouse 'Jerry' whose antics lead the housecat 'Tom' into slapstick trouble. The gamer relies on sharp reflexes and strategy to avoid explosive booby traps and achieve each level's goal to return to the mouse hole safely.

The characters originated as an MGM short cartoon series 1940-58/1961-67, winning 7 Academy Awards and spawning nnumerous comic book series including Dell and Gold Key.

Purchasing rights from MGM, creators William Hanna and Joseph Barbera approached ABC in the late 1960's to produce a compilation cartoon series.

Unfortunately Broadcast Standards and Practices ruled the violence in the cartoons would never work for a kids Saturday morning programming block and a "New Tom & Jerry Show" was created, hiring original 1940's animation directors Ed Barge and Ken Muse to come on board.

'Tom and Jerry' are considered the foremost fighting mouse and cat toon, followed by Harvey's "Herman and Katnip" and the Simpsons' "Itchy and Scratchy".