Sunday, February 19, 2006

Quinones Splashes Down On Aquaman's "Mercy Reef" ...


February 18, 2006

Actress Denise Quinones, a recent guest star on "Smallville", has now joined the cast of the CW Network's "Aquaman" television pilot.

The pilot title is now "Mercy Reef".

Quinones will play a Navy Top Gun pilot and Aquaman's love interest.

25-year old Quinones, winner of the 'Miss Universe' title in 2001, portrayed the character 'Maya' in the "Smallville" episode "Vengeance."

Actor Ving "Pulp Fiction" Rhames, recently seen as an updated TV "Kojak" will play 'McCaffrey', originally from 'Atlantis', now a lighthouse keeper at 'Atlas Point', familiar with creatures unknown to man, that inhabit the ocean's dark waters.

Production of "Mercy Reef" starts mid-March 2006 in Florida.