Sunday, February 26, 2006

More Marvel Guest Stars On "Blade" TV Series ...


At this year's New York Comic-Con, at the Spike TV "Blade" panel, it was revealed that the upcoming "Blade" television series, will have a few Marvel guest-star characters dropping in on the show, much the same way that "Smallville" has been testing out its DC comics roster on a TV audience, with appearances by 'Aquaman' and 'Cyborg'.

Writer Geoff Johns, who co-scripted the pilot with David Goyer said, "There's a new adversary for 'Blade' that we took from the comics. We had to reinvent him a bit, but it's going to be pretty cool ...We might have a couple of characters from Marvel comics that you might be surprised about."

The series debuts on Spike TV June 28 with 13 episodes scheduled to shoot in Vancouver, starting mid-March.

The two-hour pilot was also shot in Vancouver.

Regarding a fourth "Blade" theatrical feature, reps from Marvel attending the panel said "The third movie did very well for us, and there's room for more".

According to Spike TV, the new "Blade" TV series "has a lot of violence and ass-kicking, which fits our demographic".

The fifth episode will explain the meaning of Blade's tattoos.

Actor Randy "Midnight Express" Quaid will guest on an episode as a professor dealing with 'vampire ash' addicts.