Thursday, February 02, 2006

"Judge Dredd" Takes Another Shot At The Movies ...

Created in 1977 by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra, the futuristic lawman of 'Mega-City One', "JUDGE DREDD" is being developed into another major motion picture.

According to producer Silvio Astarita, the film will be a co-production between I Am The Law Productions in association with Rebellion/2000 AD.

In 2003, Shoreline Entertainment had announced pre-production on "Judge Dredd: Dredd Reckoning" and "Judge Dredd: Possession".

"We have a new writer on board so we will have a new story line," Astarita said.

2000 AD, publishers of the "Judge Dredd" comic books, will be directly involved with the new film production, similar to Dark Horse Comics involvement in Sony's "Hellboy".

"The film will be dark, more like 'The Crow' with the look of 'Blade Runner'", said Astarita, "but dark comedy must have a role in Dredd's world ... Dredd is in many ways a hero that we love to hate.

"He is a tough father figure that has an even tougher code of behavior."