Friday, February 10, 2006

"Casino Royale" Screenplay Spoilers ...

February 10, 2006

latinoreview are reporting they have seen the screenplay to 'Bond 21', "Casino Royale".


The script is considered a contemporized origin story.

The 1st 4 pages before the main title sequence show how 'James Bond' earned his 'double O' ranking, killing MI6 Section Chief 'Dryden' (for selling secrets) and 'Fisher', Dryden's contact in Lahore, Pakistan.

The MAIN TITLE sequence highlights photos from Bond's CV, including his stint in the SAS. The sequence ends with crime scene photos of Dryden and Fisher. Bond's ID Badge is stamped with a '0' - until it is laminated as '007'. A hand places the ID badge in the folder with the photos and a clerk carries it off.

Cut to a jungle camp in Gulu, Uganda, introducing 'Steven Obanno', leader of the 'Lord's Resistance' army.

A man with gold-rimmed glasses, 'Mr. White', introduces Obanno to 'Le Chiffre', who pulls up in three SUVS.

Le Chiffre has previously provided funding for 'freedom fighters'. Obanno gives Le Chiffre three metal boxes of money.

This scene also introduces 'Valenka', Le Chiffre's sexy bodyguard.

On page 7, Bond and teammate 'Carter' are at a commune in Madagascar watching a fight between a cobra and a mongoose. They are tailing 'Bomber' who is in the crowd watching the fight. A chase scene ensues at a construction site, spilling over to the 'Nambutu' embassy.

Bond kills Bomber, but is caught on a security camera. He takes Bomber's wallet and finds a playing card ripped in half - the Queen of Hearts. On Bomber's cell phone he sees the text message - "Ellipsis."

Cut to Le Chiffre hosting a high stakes poker game on his yacht.

'Kratt', Le Chiffre's henchman approaches and whispers in Le Chiffre's ear. Le Chiffre goes into his bedroom and logs on to his laptop. On the screen is the news headline "British Agent Executes Embassy Employee", with a photo of Bond firing his gun.

Cut to a London newsstand, with more shots of newspaper headlines, including "Our Secret Murder Squad" with security camera angles of Bond killing Bomber. More newspapers come into frame: "MI6 kills Unarmed Prisoner."

Cut to the The House of Parliament.

Inside a private corridor, 'M' strides out with her aide, 'Villiers'. M now regrets giving Bond his 'Double O' status.

Cut to Bond breaking into M's house, using her laptop to do a trace on the sim card from the cell phone of the Bomber. M regards Bond as an arrogant prick. He leaves.

Cut to Nassau, Grand Bahama Island.

Bond tails 'Dimitrios' and his wife 'Solange'. Logging onto a secure website, using M's password, Bond learns that Dimitrios is a government contractor in Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechneya, Rwanda, Nicaragua and El Salvador, going back to the 1970s.

Bond also looks up known associates of Dimitrios, finding a photo of Le Chiffre who was supposedly executed in Iraq in 1998.

Cut to Bond winning an Aston Martin car from Dimitrios at the 'One and Only' Country club. He drives the married Solange home.

Bond follows Dimitrios to Miami, steals his cell phone and fights bad guy 'Carlos'.

A huge action set piece then occurs on the tarmac at Miami airport, causing Le Chiffre to lose over $100 million.

Bond goes back to Dimitrios house and re-connects with M.

A MI6 CSI team combs the crime scene. Solange is found dead.

Bond gets a tracer installed into the back of his wrist so that MI6 can track him at all times.

We learn Le Chiffre was a private banker to terrorists and organized crime.

To recover the $100 million he lost, Le Chiffre sets up a high stakes poker game at Casino Royale in Montenegro, featuring ten players with a ten million dollar buy-in.

M puts Bond in the game.