Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Spike Sinks Teeth Into "Blade" TV Series

January 30, 2006

Spike TV has greenlit 13 hours of "Blade" from New Line TV.Screenwriter David "Batman Begins" Goyer, also writer of the "Blade" movie trilogy based on the Marvel Comics' vampire character, will executive produce the series with David Simkins, Marvel Entertainment's Avi Arad and New Line's Jim Rosenthal/Jon Kroll.

Goyer co-wrote the two-hour pilot with comics author Geoff Johns, directed by Peter O'Fallon in Vancouver last year.

Cast includes Kirk 'Sticky' Jones as 'Blade', Jill Wagner, Neil Jackson, Nelson Lee and Jessica Gower. Production on the new episodes will begin this spring, also to be filmed in Vancouver.

January 10, 2006

Spike TV will debut "Blade" the TV series pilot, June 2006.

The "Blade"feature film trilogy, earning more than $400 million worldwide, is currently being adapted into a two-hour TV pilot marking the network's first foray into scripted entertainment.

"Blade is perfectly suited for Spike TV and its male viewers," says Pancho Mansfield, Executive Vice President, Original Programming, Spike TV. "The new Blade promises to capture what men want to see: thrilling action and effects combined with an intelligent and highly creative story."

David S. Goyer, screenwriter for the "Blade" film trilogy and "Batman Begins", serves as executive producer. Goyer co-wrote the "Blade" TV script with comic book author Geoff Johns. Peter "American Gothic" O'Fallon directs.

Spike TV's "Blade" focuses on Marvel's half-man, half-vampire, who fights a shadowy underworld of demonic creatures bent on the destruction of the human race.

Kirk 'Sticky' Jones has been cast in the leading role. Other actors involved include Jill "Monk" Wagner, Neil "Stargate SG-1" Jackson, Nelson "Traffic, The Mini-Series" Lee and Jessica "Blurred" Gower.Bill McGoldrick, Vice President, Original Programming and Lisa Ullmann, Director of Original Programming, are the executives responsible for the production at Spike TV. Avi Arad, President and CEO of Marvel Studios, Ari Arad, Executive Vice President, Marvel Studios, Jim Rosenthal and Jon Kroll of New Line Television are executive producers.

With a library of over 5,000 characters, Marvel Entertainment, Inc., formerly known as Marvel Enterprises, Inc., is one of the world's most prominent character-based entertainment companies. Marvel's operations are focused on utilizing its character franchises in licensing, entertainment, publishing and toys. Areas of emphasis include feature films, DVD/home video, consumer products, video games, action figures, role-playing toys, television and promotions.

Spike TV is available in more than 89 million homes and is a division of MTV Networks. A unit of Viacom, MTV Networks is a leading creator of programming/content across all media platforms.
December 10, 2005


November 10, 2005

Spike TV has now cast Kirk "Sticky" Jones to star in the TV pilot "Blade".

Based on the Marvel comic book/film franchise of the same name, 'Blade' centers on a half-man, half-vampire warrior endeavoring to save the human race from a demonic underworld.

Feature screenwriter David "Batman Begins" Goyer is executive producing/co-writing the script with the comic's author Geoff Johns.

New Line Television is producing.

Spike committed to the project in spring and production is set to begin November 14 in Vancouver.

Spike executives are eyeing a June 2006 premiere.

Also in the cast are actors Jill Wagner, Neil Jackson, Nelson Lee and Jessica Gower.

Peter O'Fallon will direct.

Marvel's Avi Arad and New Line's Jim Rosenthal/Jon Kroll will executive produce. Bill McGoldrick and Lisa Ullmann will oversee for Spike.

Jones was a regular on FX drama "Over There" and had a recurring role on "The Shield."

He is best known as frontman 'Sticky Fingaz' for 'Onyx'.

October 17, 2005

BLADE2 Hour - Spike TV/New Line Television Executive Producers: David S. Goyer, Jon Kroll, Jim Rosenthal, Ari Arad, Avi Arad Producer: Gordon Mark Director: TBD Writers: David S. Goyer & Geoffrey Johns Based on the 'Blade' chacters in Marvel Comics Casting Director: Ronnie Yeskel Casting Associate: Chuck McCollum Casting Assistant: Erica Silverman

Start Date: 11/01/05 Location: Vancouver, B. C. *PLEASE MARK SUBMISSIONS "BLADE" IN LARGE BOLD PRINT!!!

BLADE :(AFRICAN-AMERICAN, MALE, LATE 20s TO LATE 30s) An incredible martial artist & warrior, armed w/a silver sword, this legendary vampire hunter ferociously seeks out his vampire prey & destroys them. A "half-breed" whose mother was attacked by vampires while pregnant w/him, Blade is himself halfhuman, half-vampire, and forced to drink a special serum on a daily basis to control his raging thrist. Blade has all the vampires' strengths and none of their weaknesses -- which is why he is so feared and hated by his nemeses. Anxious to stop vampire research into a top secret genome project, Blade enlists the help of a new ally -- one who battles the menace from w/in their own ranks...

SERIES REGULAR CHRISTA STARR :(CAUCASIAN, FEMALE MID 20s) She's a doctor & former military medic who has recently been discharged from active service. Drained by her combat traumas, Christa is trying to re-enter normal civilian life when she gets word that her fraternal twin brother, Zack, has been killed under mysterious circumstances. Unable to get any satisfaction from the police, Christa decides to investigate Zack's death herself. Its a decision that catapults her into a strange new world of vampires & familiars that she didn't even know existed. A courageous, tenacious and fierce adversary, Christa is captured & "turned" by powerful vampire Marcus, who enlists her in his vampire ranks...

SERIES REGULAR MARCUS VAN SCIVER :(CAUCASIAN, MALE, 25 TO 40) He's a charismatic, dapper, sexy, aristocratic vampire with pale skin, piercing eyes and an unslaked hunger for power -- and blood. First turned into a vampire back in the days of the American colonies, Marcus looks down on humans as little more than cattle -- but we sense that he may have a hidden longing for his lost human existence. A wealthy developer and a pillar of the community, Marcus hangs with the city's elite, but his real power stems from his ties to the age-old House of Chthon, venerable vampire rulers. Impressed by Christa's bravery and tenacity, Marcus "turns" her and recruits her for his vampire "family"...

SERIES REGULAR PLEASE SUBMIT NAME ACTORS ONLY SHEN :(ASIAN, MALE, MID TO LATE 20s) Blade's loyal ally, he's a thin but muscular Asian with a shaved head and an imperturbable manner. A former religious man, Shen now devotes his energies to the good fight against the vampire hordes. He helps perfect new technologies for Blade to use in his battles, and his mere presence helps the driven Blade achieve at least a measure of inner peace...

SERIES REGULAR CHASE :(FEMALE, EARLY TO MID 20s, ANY ETHNICITY) Marcus's most loyal and efficient follower, she's a gorgeous vampire who appears to be in her early 20s, although her hungry eyes tell a different story. She helps Marcus kills Zack, Christa's fraternal twin. Later, after Christa is herself turned into a vampire, Chase takes her on a tour of the vampires' world & gives her a sweeping overview of the vampires' tumultuous history...

STORY LINE: Tenacious vampire slayer 'BLADE' forms an odd alliance with 'CHRISTA STARR', a woman who wants revenge upon the vampires' 'House of Chthon', and the powerful 'MARCUS', for slaying her fraternal twin brother. But while Blade battles the vampires from the outside, Christa battles them from within -- after being changed into a vampire herself...