Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Marvel Studios Size Up The Astonishing "Ant-Man" ...

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Marvel Studios' proprietary character "ANT-MAN" is currently in script development as a major motion picture.

The character , scientist 'Dr. Henry Pym', debuted in Marvel's "Tales To Astonish" # 27 (1962). As “The Man in the Ant Hill”, Pym discovers a liquid that evaporates into a gas, able to reduce a man to the size of an insect. Inhaling the fumes Pym shrinks in size, scurries along the floor and soon finds himself trapped in an ant hill. Eventually he returns to his normal size, deems the formula too unpredictable and locks it away.

In "Tales To Astonish" #35, Marvel Comics editor ' Stan "The Man" Lee re-introduced Pym as the superhero "ANT-MAN", able to shrink to the size of an ant, while retaining his full-size strength (similar to DC's "Atom").

Drawn by Jack "KIng" Kirby and scripted by Lee's brother Larry, Pym's adventures continued with word of his fluid formula leaking out to weapons-hungry governments and his lab taken over by enemy cold war agents. But donning a costume and 'cybernetic' helmet, enabling him to communicate with worker ants, Pym organizes a nearby nest to attack the spies. As he rides the ants like a wild west cowboy, Pym's cybernetic commands are obeyed by the insects and they jam up the intruders' guns while swarming in stinging masses.

Some years later, "ANT-MAN" morphed into "Giant-Man", aka "Goliath", who became a member of "The Avengers" with his longtime love "The Wasp".