Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cineplex Sees A Future In 3D Cinemas

Cineplex Galaxy CEO Ellis Jacob reports that the 'growing popularity' of 3D movies has driven demand for more 'immersive' experiences at the company's chain of theatres.

In response, Canada's largest movie exhibitor is launching the "Ultra AVX audio-visual experience," with digital projectors, giant screens and high-tech sound systems.

The first expansion will start in Toronto, Calgary and British Columbia, with a goal of making 30 per cent of Cineplex screens capable of showing 3D movies by the end of 2010...

Is Megan Fox Purrfect For "Catwoman" ?

Fanboys are wondering if Warners and director Christopher Nolan will include the character of 'Catwoman' in "Batman 3", played by actress Megan Fox ("Jonah Hex").

To date, the only prominent females that have appeared in Nolan's 2 "Batman" films have been Katie Holmes in "Batman Begins" and Maggie Gyllenhaal in "The Dark Knight", with neither performance creating any kind of sexy spark with audiences.

Is Megan Fox just too good-looking for Nolan to cast in his rogues gallery of comic book freaks transferred to the big screen ?

Actress Michelle Pfeiffer played the beautiful and vicious 'Selina Kyle' in director Tim Burton's 1992 "Batman" feature "Batman Returns".

The dowdy, efficient secretary for corrupt tycoon 'Max Shreck', Kyle survives being pushed out of an office window, when she is mysteriously resuscitated by a pack of alley-cats, to become the vengeful villainess 'Catwoman'.

The original Selina Kyle was created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane, debuting in the DC comic book "Batman" #1 (Spring 1940), in which the character is referred to as 'The Cat'.

As an adversary of 'Batman', Kyle was a whip-carrying burglar with a taste for high-stake thefts.

Since the 1990s, "Catwoman" has been featured in several DC Comics series that cast her as an antihero rather than a supervillain.

Catwoman is also one of Batman's most enduring love interests, depicted as his one 'true love'.

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NFB Wins @ Cannes With "Crash! Bang! Wallow?"

The National Film Board of Canada (NFB) reports that the winner of the 6th NFB Online Short Film Contest @ Cannes, "Crash! Bang! Wallow?", was awarded to Jon Dunleavy and Keith Wilson-Singer of the UK.

This year, the 10 shortlisted films generated more than 2 million views in 14 days – on the NFB’s English and French YouTube channels. This sixth edition was organized by the NFB in collaboration with the Short Film Corner and in association with YouTube.

"...In partnering the contest, the NFB continues to encourage the creators of bold and innovative shorts..."

The public had 14 days to vote online for the best short film on the YouTube site, recording more than 20,000 votes internationally.

Winning short, "Crash! Bang! Wallow?", is an animated film that "...tells the tale of ex-Hollywood stuntman 'Larry LeTan' and his fight to find a place in the modern world..."

Filmmakers Dunleavy and Wilson-Singer will receive a digital HD video camera and laptop computer from the NFB.

Short films that came in second, third and fourth place are "Love and Theft" by Andreas Hykade (Germany), "The Technician" by Simon-Olivier Fecteau (Canada) and "The Story of My Life" by Pierre Ferrière (France).

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Rodriguez Is Cool With "Fire And Ice"

Robert Rodriguez, who produced "Predators" has reportedly acquired rights to the Ralph Bakshi/Frank Frazetta, 1983 animated feature "Fire and Ice", with a new version of the film to be set up at Rodriguez' Troublemaker Studios.

The "Cylon Centurion" Target Poster

From Quantum Mechanix, Sneak Peek a replica of the 'Cylon Centurion' practice target as seen on the shooting range in the Vancouver-lensed "Battlestar Galactica" TV series.

Created from the digital files used to print the screen-used props, QMx has reproduced the practice target on an 18 1/2-inches wide x 22 1/2-inches tall poster, printed on 60-pound flat-finish paper stock. The corners have also been cut, so the poster is in the same distinctive trapezoid shape. Also included is the scoring form in lower-right corner.

"...A perfect way to prepare for the fight against our 'Cylon' oppressors, when that dark day comes..."

Battlestar Galactica Cylon Centurion Target Poster Replica

The 'Razor'-era 'Cylon Centurion Commanders' possess additional tactical algorithms and autonomous command protocols-- making them the perfect units for a full-scale invasion.

Capable of controlling two 'Cylon Pilots' and a 'Cylon Raider', the Cylon Commanders were last seen in the closing days of the first 'Cylon War'. This 7-inch tall action figure features multiple points of articulation and accessories...

Battlestar Galactica Razor Cylon Commander Action Figure

"Predators": Fear Is Reborn

Sneak Peek new international posters and comic book covers supporting the upcoming sci fi/horror feature "Predators", produced by Robert Rodriguez and directed by Nimrod Antal.

"Predators" stars Adrien Brody ("The Pianist") with Alice Braga, Danny Trejo, Walton Goggins, Oleg Taktarov, Mahershalalhashbaz Ali and Louiz Ozawa.

Premise of the film follows 'Royce' , a mercenary who reluctantly leads a group of elite warriors, who come to realize they've been brought together on an alien planet... as prey. With the exception of a disgraced physician, the team are all cold-blooded mercenaries and convicts, now being systemically hunted down and eliminated by a new breed of 'Predators'.

In Dark Horse Comics' official "Predators" movie adaptation:

"...A team of Navy Seals is in the midst of a firefight when it suddenly goes dark. They awake to find themselves in a new and more deadly environment, stalked by a strange enemy. One by one these special-ops officers are killed by an unseen threat, until only one man remains. All alone in a strange world, he must do what he knows best to survive against all odds.

"...The lone Navy Seal finds himself in an uneasy alliance when he discovers another survivor on the planet, but he also learns that here humans are prey, transplanted from Earth to this alien jungle, to be hunted for sport.

"...The human alliance strains under the threat of the vicious Predators with an elaborate system of traps. With the impossibility of escape, the men are locked in their own game of cat and mouse against each other.

"...Traps are set off and new Predators enter the fray in the conclusion..."

"Predators" will be released July 7, 2010.

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Predators: Preserve The Game Comic Book