Wednesday, June 26, 2019

"Doctor Mirage" @ The CW

CBS Studios and The CW continue developing the Valiant comic book property "Doctor Mirage", following 'Dr. Shan Fong', a former TV personality and paranormal investigator, whose deceased husband 'Li Hwen Mirage' stays with her in spirit form:

"...'Shan Fong', born with a natural ability to see and communicate with spirits of the dead, is trained as a parapsychologist and paranormal expert. 

"It was during these studies that she met her future husband, 'Li Hwen Mirage'.

" Together they became renown paranormal investigators, banishing spirits and stopping monster attacks. The pair even turned their work into a reality TV series. 

"That is, until Hwen died. Shan tried to reach out to him, but found she could not sense his spirit. She considered ending her own life to be with him, but she feared she would not be able to locate him on the other side.

"Shan sank into a depression, abandoning her TV show and isolating herself. She continued to do paranormal work, aiding the 'LAPD' on investigations...

"...and relaying messages to the living from those beyond, but never with the same vigor as before. Until Hwen's spirit, returned, and stayed with her, as a ghost..."

"As one of the most coveted and critically acclaimed contemporary libraries in the comic book medium...

"...'Valiant' is poised to emerge as the global leader in multi-platform content," said Valiant Chairman Peter Cuneo.

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