Thursday, October 27, 2016

"Scorched Earth: Restoring The Country After Obama"

Dr. Michael Savage, the prolific American author, radio host of "The Savage Nation" and recent winner of the 'National Radio Hall of Fame' award is back on the 'New York Times Best Seller List' with his latest book "Scorched Earth: Restoring the Country after Obama":

"...listeners to Dr. Savage's top-rated radio talk show, 'The Savage Nation', know him to be an articulate, heart-felt and engaged spokesman for common sense values of 'borders', 'language' and 'culture'. 

"Now, after eight years of a government led by Barack Obama, with a US national debt of close to twenty trillion dollars, Dr. Savage lays out a persuasive case, of how the US has been undermined by self-serving politicians and a biased media.

"With words and topics that are as insightful as they are timely, Savage warns of the dangers Americans face from manipulators in the 'progressive' movement. 

"This book is about much more than an election. It is a veteran commentator providing a blueprint to regain cherished freedoms and a national identity..."

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