Friday, February 12, 2016

"Range 15" Restricted Footage

From RedBand.Ca, take a look @ the restricted 'red band' trailer from director Ross Patterson's indie horror/comedy feature "Range 15", produced in collaboration with apparel companies "Ranger Up" and "Article 15 Clothing", opening May 2016:

"...after a night of debauchery, five military buddies wake up in the drunk tank only to find out that while they were passed out in their cell, the 'zombie apocalypse' kicked off. Armed only with billy clubs and their military experience, they break out of prison and fight their way to their old base. Along the way, they pick up a whole lot of weapons, a couple of damsels in distress, and accidentally, the cure.

"Getting to the base, however, is only the beginning of their nightmare. Once there, their old boss, 'Colonel Holloway' informs them the only place that can synthesize the cure is 'Range 15', an isolated facility some 300 miles away, through zombie-infested desert. And to make matters worse, the zombies are getting faster with each hour, and Colonel Holloway is sending super soldier 'Gene Vandenham' to lead the mission.

They woke up that morning fighting hangovers. Now the fate of the world hangs over their ability to fight..."

Click the images to enarge and Sneak Peek "Range 15"...