Monday, November 11, 2013

Images From "Nikita: Dead Or Alive"

Sneak Peek new images and synopsis from the "Nikita' episode "Dead Or Alive", written by Albert Kim and directed by John Badham ("Saturday Night Fever"), airing November 29, 2013:

"...'Nikita' reunites with 'Michael' with 'Birkhoff' and 'Ryan' aboard the team’s aircraft command center.

"Michael refuses to discuss their relationship but tells Nikita she should stay with the group and let them help her clear her name.

"'Ryan' realizes 'Amanda' is making doubles of VIPs with the help of 'The Shop'.

"Then Nikita discovers that one of the doubles is the Director of the FBI...

"...but doesn't know how to kill him without exposing herself.

"Meanwhile, 'Alex' holds 'Sam' at gunpoint and demands he return what he stole from her...

"...but when a gang of thugs attacks them they are forced to work together to escape..."

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