Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lake Bell Revealed In "New York"

Sneak Peek writer/director/actress Lake Bell, star of the new film "In A World...",  posing nude for the 2013 "Fall Fashion" issue of "New York Magazine", covered in tattoos designed by Scott Campbell:

" 'In A World...', 'Sam Soto' is the king of voice-overs, he has published an autobiography and is about to receive a lifetime achievement award. 

"His daughter, 'Carol Solomon' (Bell) is a struggling vocal coach who has always been overshadowed by her father. 

"When Sam kicks Carol out of the house so that he can live with his 30-year-old girlfriend 'Jamie', Carol goes to live with her sister 'Dani'.

"When the film series 'The Amazon Games' plans to bring back the famous line "In a world..." and the trailer voice-over is highly sought after, Sam bows out so that his friend and heir-apparent, 'Gustav Warner', can assume the role.

"Gustav fails to show due to laryngitis, and Carol is asked to provide a temp track, which gains the attention of the executive producer, who now wants Carol for the job..."

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